Saturday, February 27, 2010


Yes, we were approved and we get the keys on Monday! What a relief....The only thing that cannot be avoided is packing. Regardless of how I feel about moving, I am doing some of the packing for this move. Why? well, we are moving to the building next door...besides I thought we didn't have so much!!! Think again. It seems that we have accumulated so much in these seven years! and I thought we were being restrained, what was I thinking? Need to stick to my plan: buying only if replacing; getting rid of things that are not useful, beautiful or loved.

True, the packing has not been not so awful (right!) because we are not moving overseas or even across town. Still, not one of my favorite things and now I am beginning to hate it!!! Maybe hating is too harsh a word....or not! Everyday, I wake up, put together some boxes and start filling them up. No, not randomly, just a sort of organized chaos: whatever is close to where I am, goes in the same box! I mark what's inside, seal it as best as I can and move on. The Universe will take care of them and nothing will break.....fingers crossed.

Every couple of hours, I take a break and reward myself (a cup of tea, a visit to Facebook, a chapter on a good book, a phone call, a snack) for a job well done. This is an idea put forth by my daughter Camille's boyfriend. Don't you love it? It really works because you are never too exhausted and have time to look at what you have accomplished and pat yourself in the back. Very important when you are alone in the house and nobody is cheering you on! One more thing: at the end of the day my fingers are so dirty: black ink from newspapers I use to wrap the breakable takes several washings to get it off. On the other hand: I am doing manual labor and can't think.

This weekend I was expecting my husband and son to help. Frankie is here, amazingly enough he is packing too! Frank is absent so far, but hopefully he'll show up at one point. They both can help moving the boxes out of the way so we can move around the house. The heavy lifting will be done by the moving company sometime next week.

Then will come the next chapter in this saga: the unpacking. Mostly to be done by me, I guess. Now, both the men in my life should be aware that they are expected to help without being asked too many times. We'll see how that works!

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Pratishtha Durga said...

Merc, the small breaks are important. I did the packing and unpacking on my own, and I had just one person's stuff to move. Hope the trial gets over soon. Do post some pictures of the new home.