Saturday, February 6, 2010

Carnival....or Carnaval!!!

It's that time of the year Curaçao and in Panamá. The island is just full of parties, jump-ups, song and dancing. Carnival is here! The small country with the canal will features parties and street parades in every town and city. In the days before the start of Lent, all anyone can think about is : FUN!!!

In Curaçao, the official song has been picked and is heard all over the island. The Queen has been crowned and the Prince and Pancho are ready....all the groups have their customs, have organized their drinks and food for the duration of the Grand Marcha and people have prepared their trailers from where they will watch and enjoy the festivities. These lined all the proposed route of the parade. Tomorrow the parade for the children or Carnaval di Mucha will take place.....the beginning of ten days of fun!!!

I do miss these things here in Miami, where the big celebration is this weekend's Super Bowl! Don't get me wrong, love American football and would be rooting for the New Orleans Saints! Still, a bit of a let down when my friends back home (both the island and the country!) are gearing up for a week long celebration to culminate with the burning of King Momo on Fat Tuesday or Ash Wednesday, ending the Carnival season that started as soon as the year began.

In Panamá, celebrations will kick into gear this coming Friday with Queens being crowned in every town and city in the country. In Las Tablas, where my mother lives, hoards of people will descent on the town and take over the place for about a week. Local residents either take to the streets and embrace the revelry or just hide in their homes, beach houses or country homes. The roar of the music and the display of amazing fireworks will be a constant background to anything that happens there these days. It is an experience to remember.....

So here it's to Carnival (as in Curaçao) or Carnaval (as in Panamá) may I have the pleasure to experience these celebrations soon!!!