Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trips and plans and decisions to make

Back home! It's becoming a given, back and forth, back and forth. I get a bit tired, but there is no choice. Besides, there are things that are changing. This time Panamá was very interesting. Frankie came along and we had time to meet some friends, got to see places that we might consider, went out to dinner and for drinks. It was fun!

Retiring is not in the cards yet, cannot just pick up and leave, but planning has always been something I enjoy....So, now that I am home...planning is afoot! I plan to work on this move with diligence. Panamá might not be the place, but it is a contender. Much to consider, though: most important is the weather. It seems to disagree with me and health is so important. Then there is the traffic in the city: chaotic is an understatement. It will only get worse with the construction of the metro. When it's finished, it is still not sure that people will take to it.

We would have to consider also the fact that it is not easy to just slip back into old friendships. Making new friends is a possibility, there are enough expats living in the country. People that will have a lot in common with us....or so we hope. As I said, this is a planning stage, investigating and looking into new ideas. This is going to be fun...and we should not forget that Curaçao is not far from my mind....who knows? All can be in the realm of possibilities......