Saturday, April 4, 2009


Absolutely! That's it. I spent today just doing things about the house, something I don't enjoy and have to concentrate do to. Of course, living in the states, there is little choice, housework is sort of mandatory.....what to do.

So how did I get to wanderlust from housework.....not two things that are connected at all. Well, putting things away after lunch, getting the kitchen organized, realizing that there are things still in boxes, things I never unpacked because I have no space, I began to wonder what am I doing here? isn't it time to move on, go somewhere new?

I could see myself organizing a new home, walking on empty rooms and planning where everything will go, opening boxes and discovering things, it will be as if they were new! It was absolutely real and it made me smile. I can feel it in so many ways: it is time to move. There is always something out there I want to see, a new place I want to call home, the excitement of choosing, arranging. The smell of new, unfamiliar places I will make my own......yes, that is how I went from housework to wanderlust......