Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why not?

Yes, here I am again...always say I come back when there is something going on in my life. So much.....really....even if it's nothing new. At the same time, it is when one is busy that it is possible to do other things. Haven't you heard that?

So here we go. Most women my age have retired or their husbands have, they have no children at least not the ones that require care....they know themselves well, they know what they like and what they want. What they need is the will to do just that....and why not?

Just a couple of days ago, a friend sent me one of those messages with photos and uplifting words and music to go with the whole thing. I am weary of those things. More times than not, they want you to forward these messages. Really...I rarely do, what is the point? There is enough out there to clog the internet...let's be real. This one was different in one important way: it made sense to me!

It's time to consider the rest of our said. We have been daughters, wives, mothers, friends, lovers, caregivers. We have done everything required of us and more. We have put our dreams and our goals on hold for family and friends, husbands and lovers, aging parents and demanding children. What have we got in return? Well, some would say we have the satisfaction of having done our duty. Or we would feel at peace with ourselves. 

All that is good and personally rewarding, but don't you feel sometimes we deserve better? don't you feel we have the right to expect some palpable recognition? I do! I more than deserve and want.....
Sorry, but we are human and there is nothing wrong with that. I am not going to get it from others, I will make my own reward. So here it is...

From now on, be realistic. Accept that you have more years behind you that you have in front of you. Unless there is a medical development I do not know of, we are not going to live another 50 or 60 years! Then, we have to put our foot down...we will live the rest of our lives as we want. It will be marvelous! Do what you always wanted to do...why not?

Go places you wanted to visit, even if it is the museum in the next farther if it is possible. Remember when you wanted to take a cruise or walk at night along the Seine, or spend time in a Tuscan town, an English village or a Caribbean beach? Well, do it! why not?

Were you interested in painting, photography or pottery making? Do you think you want to explore your artistic side? Go for it! There are classes and groups and clubs that encourage all those things, right there in your city or town. I have a friend in Maryland who just had her first photography exhibition in Annapolis. So you see....why not?

Do you keep journals? why not publish your memoirs? We all have something to say, share  your experiences.  Do you think you can tell a story? or have you been told you are a storyteller? why not put that in writing? It is so easy nowadays to get your work on the internet. I wrote a book and started a blog at an age when others are thinking of retiring. So, why not?

Have you been called the life of the party? do your friends laugh out loud at your witty comments? Start a blog, share your wit and your humor. Remember, laughter is the best medicine and is side-effect free! Gather your thoughts and start writing! People love to be entertained. So, why not?

Do you love to cook or have a knack for organizing events? are your parties always well attended because nobody wants to miss them? Do your friends ask you for advise when buying clothes? Do you get compliments about your garden or your home? Then consider doing this....a hobby that can bring an income! Besides, if you love it, you'll be great at it. So, why not?

Now, whatever you decide to do, do with flair, with passion. These are the best years of your life because the only person you have to please now is you! Go out and get the most out of the rest of your life!!! WHY NOT?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What if?....

Once in a while, now and again...I tend to let my mind wander into: what if. Absolutely not the thing to do, if possible or not to dwell on it if one does.... Unfortunately we all do this. I am doing it now...

Life has become hectic, for no apparent reason. Too much on my plate is no excuse, since I am usually busy. New worries? not really...old concerns? of course, but nothing major. Still I keep point to what if?

What if I pick up my writing again? what if I could travel to places I really want to go? what if going to see my mother was not a pressing issue? what if my daughter live closer? what if I start a business? what if I just not let my mind jump all over the place?!

When I lived in Curacao, what if was not an option most of the time since there was so much to attend too. Even when the children had left and we were empty nesters. Don't get me wrong...I did it then too, but somehow it was not as prevailing and not as urgent and not as annoying.

Truly, what if has to be the most annoying thought one can have. Let's try not to dwell on it......Let's write, travel, realize visiting my mother is a duty I cannot avoid, my daughter is not moving here just to please me and my mind is really working overtime. Now, starting a business....that has a nice ring to it!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Way too long......

I tend to come back to this blog when something happens I have no control over...why is this? I have no clue. Or maybe I do, just don't want to dwell on the reasons. There is too much I already dwell on....enough!

I did go to Panama in July. Stay for three weeks and a bit. Did what needed to be done, kept my mother and sister company, celebrated the town's saint festivities, visited the church, walked along the street behind the image of the saint (yes, they still do that in Latin America!!!). I also went to parties, danced, walked on the beach early in the morning and got stuck one day on the road because of a strong thunderstorm, high winds included! Sixty one trees were uprooted in the area, so it was big. So you see, I do other things when I'm not writing.

A month after this trip, I went back for one's never ending. There is always something to solve, papers to sign. This time I took my husband with me. It was a relaxing trip, despite the hassle of lawyers, notaries and rain! I am back in Miami, trying to get everything organized.....