Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What if?....

Once in a while, now and again...I tend to let my mind wander into: what if. Absolutely not the thing to do, if possible or not to dwell on it if one does.... Unfortunately we all do this. I am doing it now...

Life has become hectic, for no apparent reason. Too much on my plate is no excuse, since I am usually busy. New worries? not really...old concerns? of course, but nothing major. Still I keep point to what if?

What if I pick up my writing again? what if I could travel to places I really want to go? what if going to see my mother was not a pressing issue? what if my daughter live closer? what if I start a business? what if I just not let my mind jump all over the place?!

When I lived in Curacao, what if was not an option most of the time since there was so much to attend too. Even when the children had left and we were empty nesters. Don't get me wrong...I did it then too, but somehow it was not as prevailing and not as urgent and not as annoying.

Truly, what if has to be the most annoying thought one can have. Let's try not to dwell on it......Let's write, travel, realize visiting my mother is a duty I cannot avoid, my daughter is not moving here just to please me and my mind is really working overtime. Now, starting a business....that has a nice ring to it!

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