Monday, January 28, 2008

Getting the word out...

This week I heard from a FAWCO friend . Kathleen is vice-President of Communication and is preparing a new link on the website about members that have written books. Such a great idea! and she contacted me to include my book. That sounds fantastic; I am grateful that FAWCO is still in my life and helping.... how reassuring. It is one more way to get the word out about my book, promote it and hopefully sell it!

Once you establish relationships with this network of women living all over the world, anything good can happen, and it usually does! I have to say I never expected to still be in touch. After all, I have move on and have had little contact with the group as a whole in the last five years. Still, here they are, ready to offer their help. That is just wonderful.

In that spirit, I think I should try again to get the word out about my book. Really, I happen to think that it's good, entertaining and informative. I had a ball writing it, and because I needed an outlet for my doubts about the move to Miami, the book was a lifesaver! Remember, write a book or jump out the window...... So, here it is.

Such is Life in the Tropics can be a perfect book to sit with by the sea on your next holiday. Or by the pool, by the fire on your ski vacation, or to lift your spirit on a dreary winter weekend! It can be a source of information if you are contemplating a move to the Tropics, will tell you all about organizations like FAWCO that will help you adapt to your new home country. Will give tips in surviving, even in Paradise, which is not a small feast. At the bottom of this blog, there is a link to the publisher...go ahead and make my day, buy the book, thank you.

Friday, January 25, 2008

There and back again....

Sounds too much like a Hobbit? Well, it's just how I feel. I came back from Panama a couple of days ago. After returning from London the week before, I took off for Panama. Once again, my mother's care demanded my presence. She needs to move to a more practical house where she can be comfortable. After her stroke, the old family home has become too complicated for her. It has steps everywhere, doorways are too narrow and the stairs up to the front door are a serious obstacle. So moving her has become a priority.

Have to say that things went rather well. My sisters came as well and found a house, hired a contractor and ordered the necessary changes to move our mother in about two months. We also arranged for a new kind of care. Instead of round the clock nurses, that she doesn't require anymore, we have hired a companion that will live with her. All in a record time of one week! That is efficiency, for sure. Or not.

To round things up, we attended a wedding! The daughter of one of our cousins got married in a lovely afternoon ceremony, in an old colonial church. My sisters and I got all dressed up and walked to church. It was such a nice thing to do, old fashioned and familiar at the same time. The bride looked beautiful, her father looked emotional, but pleased; her mother cried. The reception was in the garden of the bride's parents' home, under tall trees, with the gentle breeze rustling the leaves.

Everyone was there. I saw people I hadn't seen in ages. There was music, food and drinks. There was dancing and fireworks and champagne. The food was excellent, the drinks were generous and the dancing was glorious. In the wee hours of the morning, we were served more food, just to keep us going, I guess. Nobody wanted to go home. We had a great time!

So all went well... we laughed till we cried, talked late into the night and planned for the future. Like Bilbo Baggins' was a trip there and back again and we also accomplished so much.

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year.... 2008

It's January! not the 5th, but close enough. My trip to London was a great success. I flew across the Atlantic on Boxing Day (December 26th). We spent a couple of hours at Miami Airport sitting in the plane, waiting to have a water leak fixed....don't ask!

The plane was full, and there was no place to go. Amazingly, I didn't get nervous....not too much, really. When we finally took off, I was exhausted. Had something to eat, took my sleeping pill, and try to see a movie. Didn't finish it, when the plane started to move. Never mind my sleeping pill..I was quite awake. When it settled down, I slept.

Woke up ready to freshen up and eat some breakfast. The skies outside looked gray and heavy with clouds. Fortunately we had a smooth landing. My Dutch passport helped me go quickly through and on to retrieve my bag. Camille had sent a car to pick me up; the driver was there. How wonderful! Forty five minutes later.... Camille.

The next eight days were a lot of fun. She had friends over for her birthday, we had dinner at Cipriani, a great Italian restaurant, afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason, saw Rent at the Duke of York Theater, had Indian and Indonesian food, toasted the New Year with pink champagne while we longed for the noise and celebration of New Year's in Curaçao. We walked everywhere from her home in Mayfair. When she was working, I enjoyed life in the city. It was all wonderful!

Coming back through Boston was an interesting trip. I sat next to a lovely woman, a Presbyterian minister from Sri Lanka. It was such a pleasure to talked about religion, customs, Indian gods, food and so much more. I hope we can keep in touch. Arriving in Boston, I met with Fabio. This is his first winter back in the frozen tundra after spending the last five here in Miami. He seems to be coping nicely. What do I know?

Finally, on a plane to Miami, I was exhausted, sleepy, totally ready for a long hot shower and my own bed. I arrived safely and did just that! 2008 has started on a good note! I am sure the rest of the year will be full of adventure, success and everything good. When 2009 comes along, we will be glad for this year!!!