Monday, January 28, 2008

Getting the word out...

This week I heard from a FAWCO friend . Kathleen is vice-President of Communication and is preparing a new link on the website about members that have written books. Such a great idea! and she contacted me to include my book. That sounds fantastic; I am grateful that FAWCO is still in my life and helping.... how reassuring. It is one more way to get the word out about my book, promote it and hopefully sell it!

Once you establish relationships with this network of women living all over the world, anything good can happen, and it usually does! I have to say I never expected to still be in touch. After all, I have move on and have had little contact with the group as a whole in the last five years. Still, here they are, ready to offer their help. That is just wonderful.

In that spirit, I think I should try again to get the word out about my book. Really, I happen to think that it's good, entertaining and informative. I had a ball writing it, and because I needed an outlet for my doubts about the move to Miami, the book was a lifesaver! Remember, write a book or jump out the window...... So, here it is.

Such is Life in the Tropics can be a perfect book to sit with by the sea on your next holiday. Or by the pool, by the fire on your ski vacation, or to lift your spirit on a dreary winter weekend! It can be a source of information if you are contemplating a move to the Tropics, will tell you all about organizations like FAWCO that will help you adapt to your new home country. Will give tips in surviving, even in Paradise, which is not a small feast. At the bottom of this blog, there is a link to the publisher...go ahead and make my day, buy the book, thank you.

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