Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back Home....

I am back home. It was the trip I needed to take and I am so glad I did. It was also a hard trip to take and one I will not easily forget. On the other hand, I did enjoy most of it. The party was a great success. The house looked lovely, the white marquis, the flowers, the people I know and like and care for. There was laughter and good humor, there was a sense of peace. There was a sense that everyone knew how important this was and everyone was determined to enjoy the moment for Marja's sake.

She looked beautiful in a long turquoise skirt and silvery blouse. Silk and turquoise necklace at her throat. So elegant with her short, salt and pepper hair, smiling, engaging and talking to everyone, as if it was the most natural thing to celebrate her birthday under these circumstances. She is amazing! So proud to call her my friend.

The evening went very fast, there was excellent food and enough champagne, music and dancing. Marja circulated around the tables and seemed in very high spirits. At one point, silently, she just slipped away and left. It was the best way. Today, our bridge group had a special day for her. I was sorry to miss it, but life doesn't let you choose. I had to come back home . Life offers you opportunities, it's up to you to grab them. I am so glad I did!