Saturday, February 13, 2010

Celebrations continue....

Not in Miami...with the end of the Super Bowl weekend, things are back to normal. People that celebrated are back to their routines, the ones that didn't...are doing the same! Nothing too much to talk about when it comes to Miami, at least for me. One bright spot, though, the weather has been great. My morning walks are just perfect and relaxing...which I need!

Now, back in the land of fun: last night was the Teener ( a sort of Dutch term for teenagers) Parade in Curaçao. Most of our friends were out celebrating along the route. In Las Tablas, the Queens were crowned, the music played all day and fireworks lighted the sky.

Today, people are out in the streets throwing water at each other and with faces covered with blueing (the one people used to put in clothes to whiting them, remember?). Añil is called back home....I am dating myself! In the late afternoon, everyone will get dressed, go out to the tuna, Panamanian for "dancing parade". After that, more dancing until the wee hours....In Curaçao, people are going about their business, getting ready for tonight big bash in Otrobanda. People will flock to Plaza Brion and party to the sounds of tumba until late. My friends will be there! Drinking, from moderate to heavy, is going on as well. Only New Orleans has anything similar to these celebrations.....should try that once too.

During all this fun, I will be sitting here blogging, then running errands......what a difference!

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