Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tea Sets and Coffee Mornings

In another lifetime, when moving away from Curaçao was not even contemplated, coffee mornings were very much a part of life. I do not drink coffee, but these delightful affairs included tea as well. The were no specific reasons for having them, but anything could be used a an excuse: a birthday, a return from a trip, a move to a new home, just anything. I totally enjoyed those get togethers.

With that in mind, soon after I moved to the island, I bought my first tea set.....it had a coffee pot as well with 12 cups and saucers, small plates for cakes and sandwiches, serving dishes. Lovely pattern by Villeroy & Bosch with bright flowers and small bees. Then, I got my mother's set of Noritake china with bold patterns and palette shaped saucers to have your edibles along with your cups....great idea! Of course I also collected small silver spoons from everywhere I went.

Lest I forget, there were my bridge mornings, when as many as 12 of my friends would sit down for coffee and sweets before we started playing. Those were the days!! Since moving to Miami, there have been none of this. There is no sign of that kind of gracious living here. Even with its Latin flavor, Miami is not laid-back and relaxed. It's like any other American city: hectic, maddening and without time for polite society.

As I pack away, I wonder, when will I use these beautiful things again? where in my future would I feel like having a coffee morning for my friends......never mind, I will and that is why I am keeping each and every cup, all my saucers and my silver spoons!

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