Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Moving Day is here!

Absolutely exhausted....most boxes moved to new apartment, closets semi-organized, small tasks done. Now comes the big challenge: moving all the furniture and arrange according to my plans. Frankly, I am too tired to think about that. I am working on emergency batteries!

Still, sitting in my old apartment, I am surprised how much I still feel needs to be moved. Of course, last time everything was moved in ONE day! That was overwhelming. Starting in the morning, finished in the late afternoon, had no time to get anything organized...except make the beds and sleep!

Moving is something you are expected to do when you become an expat. Again, it's not clear if I am one...BUT one should be able to handle moving. I have moved many times in my lifetime...I expect I'll be moving a couple of more times yet. So, you would think, this is nothing, right? Well, there is the small consideration of growing older...see that I didn't say: OLD!!! You absolutely get tired more easily.....so one should go slowly, take time, don't overdo it. Stop and put your feet up. Stop and enjoy a snack, a drink, make a phone call.

Lets consider this: when you move within a city, very few companies will offer you packaging services. They expect to arrive at your home and start putting boxes and furniture in their truck. When you move to another country, you can expect the moving company to do the packaging as well. Those are better moves, trust me! You might decide that some of your precious possessions should be packed by you: DO NOT! Those boxes will be marked and if anything breaks....their insurance will not cover it. So many rules...but in the end: you do less work yourself.

Now, once you arrive at your destination...the unpacking is on you, maybe the big pieces of furniture will be unpacked. Boxes will be placed in the rooms they belong to. You unpack, you rearrange. If you are lucky, you have moved to a country in which you can find household help. Don't get me started again in that subject. A good housekeeper is a treasure, believe me!!

Back to my latest move. I will be sleeping at this apartment tonight, in the new one tomorrow. Then it will all start again. Slowly I will sort through the boxes, the suitcases and place everything in its place. It will keep me very entertained for weeks...no point in rushing.

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