Monday, April 5, 2010

Solitude and Gratitude!

A few months ago, I gave into the age thing and joined Vibrant Nation "where smart, successful women 50+ connect with others to make the most out of life every day". It has been such a positive experience so far! Members come from all over the US and Canada.....with a sprinkle of expats. I am sure at some point it would develop into something more encompassing. For now, there are plenty of women sharing everything from how to go gray to how to look younger without surgery, from traveling solo to girls nights out, from divorce to widowhood to relationships with younger men. A veritable spectrum of experience and advise. Great reads at the very least! Enjoyable for sure.

Today I discovered a new thread about how to really get more of what you want, it goes something along these lines: I know many (maybe most) of us have an ingrained habit pattern that focuses us on what we don’t want. Changing this pattern can be challenging. And I've seen with myself and my clients that it’s definitely worth doing! Says the author, Bonnie McFarland. It is inspirational and the comments that followed can take you in all directions. What I like most, is the openness of the discussion and the heartfelt advise. One really made me stop and think: " helps to start and end the day (most days) in silence and gratitude. Today I decided to go on a 90 day fast of gossip and negativity". What a concept!!!

I am adopting this! Have no idea how hard it would be, but I am willing to try. It goes splendidly with my new resolve of buying only when replacing...a whole new attitude in life that can only enrich my life. As with this latter mantra, I am sure it will all depend on my behavior, on the way I see things and react to them, on the level of involvement with myself, in the way I meet challenges and work with them. Also goes well, with change is good!


Pratishtha Durga said...

Oh, the group sounds great, Merc! And the fast thing, it sounds inspiring.

Sunset Goddess said...

Well, it's time for you to join me on FB!!! It's now an EVENT...LOL!

Anonymous said...

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