Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New decade, new attitude.

There, it's in black and white...if not in paper. Attitude is everything, I believe. Not in the way most people take this: sort of challenging, edgy, in your face...NO, I mean positive attitude! That is my goal in this new decade I have just started.

Since I decided to go on this gossip and negativity fast, this have moved fast. I feel energized. You have to put an effort, of course, but the rewards are great. Relaxation will come as well....or not since I am a worrier by nature. BUT this is so worth trying!

My big birthday came and went. I was surprised how many people remembered, how many others actually paid attention to the Facebook reminder and posted something, how many called, emailed and showed they care. It was a realization, since I usually think the worse first... called me skeptic. This year, and maybe because of my positive attitude, things went differently!!! One more reason to continue with the fast.

I have stayed away from gossip, most of the time. I have reigned in my desire to have an opinion on everyone I get in touch with, or give a report on people I meet. I have decided that time could be better used in pointing out the fun I had, the good news that person shared. Not easy sometimes, I tell you. Most people want to talk about....well, other people! Stirring the conversation away from that is a challenge at times. One doesn't want to offend anyone. So trying has been, well, trying.

Then there is negativity. You know that not everyone has the ability to be positive and sometimes your encounters are a bit drab. Tell me bout it, I have been a recurrent pessimist. You know exactly what I mean: there is not a silver lining in your dark cloud and you tend to see the bad first. In the real world, sometimes you need to console and to reassure, or simply you cannot avoid bad news. This is different from just complaining and dragging everyone down with you. Again, not easy, but I have managed with some success.......so far!

So here's to changing attitudes, to starting a new decade with a new outlook, to have something better to do with your time and to enjoy life to its fullest!!!

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