Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Moving On......

Yes, this positivity thing is catchy. I have received responses from family and friends, no idea yet how is it going for them. For me, it's keeping me focused and that in itself is a great thing!

This week I have been in touch with friends from Curaçao. Called Laurita first. She is 91 and very active. One of the local newspapers ran a story about her last week. After 60 plus years living on the island, she is a celebrity of sorts and she is so sharp and with it! Told her that since I am planning a trip sometime in July, I want to hear everything that is going on: from political news, to celebrations, to the real estate market to the power outages. Sort of an scout mission. Haven't been there for about a year, a lot can happen even in our small island.

Read some of my friends' Facebook pages, to see what is new in their lives. Emailed others and asked about their plans, making sure they will be there when I come. Simple straight forward queries, it was so much easier and felt great. Moving on, don't need details of things I cannot change or information that is not useful......

Anyway, I am being positive and keeping away from gossip. So if I am missing some of the information in this deal, I really don't care! All I need to know is that the beach is still beautiful, the days are warm enough to spend them outdoors, my friends are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, going out on Thursdays for a drink and there is power at night to sleep in the airco (AC for you in the States!). I want to see as many of my friends as I can, spend time just driving around, eat and drink well, play bridge and walk in Jan Thiel at sunset.

I want to meet the new additions to friends' families, enjoy the laid-back lifestyle and recharge my batteries. It will be just wonderful and it can come soon enough.

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