Friday, April 9, 2010

A Challenge

Well, I have gone and done something I thought I was not going to: start something personal on Facebook. Yes, yes, I remember saying to myself: Keep it light, keep it mostly impersonal, share few things. As it happens, things have changed since I read that inspiring post about the fast on gossip and negativity. I went on Facebook and posted it there and then asked my friends to joined me.

Can't take all the credit for the second part, my friend and fellow blogger, Prati, gave me the idea. It was a bit of a challenge and I decided, why not? We all need to take small risks in life, do some things not everyone would approve of, or simply things that sound a bit strange.....what to do? I think my real friends would expect anything from me. Mercedes, they'd say, can be so unpredictable! So there it is: I have embarked in this fast and are doing my darnest to keep it up. Not easy, I tell you.....especially the gossip thing. The negativity has been, so far, less of a challenge, a bit easier to handle. That can change, I know!

I wish I had discovered this years ago, when I was in my negative period back in Curaçao. Before I discovered Life in the Tropics is fabulous, that I was very lucky indeed to have landed there. Youth! what do we know in our 30s or 40s for that took me so long. Never mind, new page!

So how about it? are you ready to do this? could a bit less negativity make us happier? I am sure. Could a bit less gossip make a difference in our relationships with family and friends? You bet. Could we use those hours we spend in these useless endeavours for something more constructive? absolutely!!! This is sounding better already so I hope you all join me.


SabinePsynopsis said...

Brave step. Less negativity certainly helps. I'm mostly honest, but sometimes I wonder if I was a bit too honest...

Sunset Goddess said...

Brave, maybe......mostly I just want to de-clutter my life and this is a good start.