Monday, March 22, 2010

Roller-coaster Weather in Miami, too hot and oppressive in Curaçao

Miami, what can I tell you...2010 has been a strange year so far. So mild, it has people wondering where has the hot and muggy weather gone. The days have been cool, clear and generally beautiful. It is so nice to walk around Brickell Key, evenings are perfect to wander around the neighborhood, go to our favorite restaurant, just sit on the balcony. Not at all what we expect this time of the year.

While the rest of the country receives more snow than they can handle, or more rain than they want, South Florida has been delightful...and I don't say that lightly. No need to turn the AC on, some days we actually needed a bit of heat! Amazing!!! Of course, being Miami, this was just a freak occurrence. In the last few days, it has been everything: cloudy and muggy and in the 70s, clear and sunny and in the 60s, breeze and cool and hazy, warm and dry and in the 70s: roller-coaster weather for sure. Hope Hurricane Season treats us well this year......but who knows.

In Curaçao, though, things have not been going well, weather wise. Reports say that it is too hot, not a breath of air most days. Muggy and sticky, something rare on the island especially this time of the year. This is Lent, when the cool breeze is omnipresent and it's beach weather, well, more than usual! I wonder how did they manage with the Regattas.

Comparing again, I haven't done this in a while. Still, it needs to be done. My friends are commenting about it, or complaining...It is absolutely not the usual thing: no breeze during Lent? How is that? Should we pay attention to all those that tell us Global Warming is most definitely affecting world weather? should we start paying more attention to our carbon footprint? Or should we just ignore the whole thing and take this year's changes as they come.....what to do? Indeed things are so different this year. We will have to keep an eye on these developments. Roller-coaster weather, maybe not only in Miami, but around the world.


Pratishtha Durga said...

The way I see it, there is no harm in doing what's right for the planet... weather changes or not. Mumbai is hot and sad throughout the year, and I hate the weather. No winter, no spring, it's devil's own city. But cutting back on the carbon footprint is an initiative we all can take.

Sunset Goddess said...

Not surprised, the world's weather is going crazy, but we need to pay attention. Cutting back on our carbon footprint is a good start...I'm trying to get people I know into it. Not much luck yet!