Thursday, March 25, 2010

AWC Tattler

It's that time of the month again.....I just received the American Women's Club of Curaçao's newsletter: The Tattler. It is always a pleasure to read what are the girls back home up to. The club, as anything active and vibrant, has changed a lot since I moved away. Still, there are things that remain the same: fundraisers, children activities, advise for the newcomers, beach days, out-to-lunch dates, reports on the weather.....I do miss all that!

Among the many hats I wore while I was a member was Tattler editor, so I can understand the challenges of keeping the newsletter interesting and fun. It was printed at the time, so much more work , but more rewarding I say. I'm grateful I am still receiving it, keeping me in touch, giving me a window into the new club, the changes, the challenges, the fun. Wonderful!

Miami, as you all know, has not become home in the sense I was expecting. It is not as bad as I thought even a year ago, but not the same. So, the arrival of The Tattler always brings back memories and an irresistible urge to buy a plane ticket and go visit!

Things to look forward to this time of the year: beach days when you can stay until sunset with not so many mosquitoes, light breeze when you take your afternoon walk, Queen's Birthday flea market in Punda. People take trips abroad and the island feels quiet and deserted, then Easter weekend when almost everything is closed and you need to entertain yourself...not so hard, really. What lovely times we had every year at this time.

We have plans for Easter Sunday with Frankie's family. I am sure it will be relaxed, fun and interesting....but it will not be the same: no beach day, no laying in the sun drinking some delicious concoction involving tropical fruits and liquor, while looking at the amazing blues of the water, no coming home in the afternoon and going for a walk or visiting friends for a drink. Oh, well....things change and I did say change is good. Let's embrace it!

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