Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Never ending task......

Yes, that is how I feel about this unpacking business. I mostly like to work on my own because I know how I want things......but this is ridiculous. It's been a week since I started unpacking. Everyday I do more than I think I would, I throw out boxes and papers, I pack what I'm giving away and I still have not finished. Do you think, maybe, things are multiplying? Wouldn't that be something.....and wouldn't a bit of help be welcome?!

I have found things I have not seen since they were packed in Curaçao......and then I decide to throw them away! The move then was a bit more chaotic, more traumatic, so that is why I kept so much. For whatever reason, I didn't want to let go of anything last time. Trying to hang on to the good life, the good times, the life that was changing. Nowadays, I am sure of what I really need, what is it that I can keep, what I want to be part of my baggage from now on. It feels great, Prati is absolutely right. Downsizing is liberating.

Now, this never ending process will come to an end sometime, right? and then I would be just organizing what is left, putting paintings in place, moving the end tables, shifting the computer desk, getting more books out or simply rearranging the kitchen cabinets or the linen closet. That is good too, because I will find more things I can do without and next time I move it will be easier. Or I would be moving to another country and there would be expert movers packing everything away, and unpacking at the other end!!

I absolutely miss my housekeeper...she was so helpful back then, seven years ago, during my last move. Nothing escaped her, she was on top of things and helped with everything: from the garage sale to the selection of items to pack, to answering the phone and keeping people at bay when I was exhausted. She is a treasure, I wish she was here...LUUCYYYYYY!!! I would call and she would appear with a cup of tea or an iced cold drink, a smile and a word of encouragement.....Such is Life in the Tropics, I want it back!

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