Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Changing times.....

Did I tell you that this is the time to change? did I mention that I have become more and more aware the if one doesn't change....one cannot be happy? I have no clue when I came to this realization...it sort of sneaked up to me in the last few weeks. Maybe it was the move to this new apartment, the new view, the fact the the weather is still cool in mid-March, that my friends on the island are not always in touch lately. Or is it the fact that I don't think about it in the same way.

I still love it, I still think I can move back, but somehow I don't expect it to be the same or to have the same life if I ever do. There, I said it. Isn't that something? It has taken me all these years of yearning to be back, all these years of writing about it, dreaming about it......maybe it is a natural progression, don't you think? It is definitely NOT that I have started to love Miami....NEEEE! I am relatively sure that that is not in my stars. I have a new appreciation for the city, I recognize that it has its charms and its glories, I have to accept that this life has not been as I expected, but it hasn't been bad either. That's a weight off my shoulders!

So change is GOOD. The view from my balcony is so different, but in a way, just as beautiful. The layout of the apartment is so different, but it's convenient and flows easily. The marble floors give the place a warmth...even when they are so cool to the touch. The black marble kitchen counter tops gleam in the fluorescent light, the big sliding doors open to the sky...we are that high! Changing places has opened a whole new world for me.....

I did such cleaning since I moved. Several boxes are piled around the apartment full of things I really don't need anymore or would like to replace. There is a sense of expectation about this: buying to replace... Another change that I am relishing. This is definitely a good thing. Then there is the age thing. I am having a big birthday this year and thoughts of mortality, of realizing there are more years behind than in front of me...bring change into a new plane. YES, change is fabulous and I am enjoying it!!!

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