Monday, April 2, 2012

Move still going on!!!

Amazing...We moved stuff until Saturday afternoon. Boxes are still everywhere because the kitchen cabinets have NO doors.......AND the new stove is not here, the new microwave has not been installed. Lights that do not switch on, electric outlets that do not work and other small annoyances. In the meantime, life continues.....there is laundry to do and meals to cook. Really! I have to gather all my wits about me not to scream!!!

Of course the estate agent says all would have been done, if only we would have given them more time. We wanted the apartment by the last week of the month......the contractor was not able to finish everything. Since excuses were invented, nobody takes responsibility...frustrating! Such is life, I know. Miami has been more than annoying the years we have lived here. A lot of people that have no work ethics, a lot of mañanas, a lot of nonsense.

I expected this in other countries and have been pleasantly surprised. In the States I expected efficiency and I have been disappointed. What to do. Let's do the best we can and wait for things to get done......Will keep you posted.

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