Friday, April 6, 2012

De-Clutter Revised.......

Yes, back to my favorite theme. This week, as I unpack and found not enough space in our new apartment for all my stuff, one clear thought came into my mind. I will not buy anything new and I will accept NO MORE gifts of things I need to pack and unpack! I have enough tea-sets, mugs, cups and saucers, dishes....etc... to give away or make two families happy. I can give coffee mornings for 12 or more, serve dinner for 12, entertain my whole family without having to resort to paper plates (God forbid!!) and have people over for drinks and serve my munchies in the nicest dishes. Enough!

I know this is not really de-cluttering, but I will assume it is. If you get no more stuff, you don't need a bigger place, you don't fret about things getting lost or broken during your next move.......De-cluttering used to be an excuse to get more, accumulating more stuff. Until my last move, I was in the don't buy unless you are replacing, mode. Not anymore, now, I just don't want to replace! It's a decision that came very natural this it!

De-cluttering will mean, from now on, not getting anything I have to keep. I will buy only what can be used and dispose of after a period of time. I will get only what I can discard or give away, things like clothes, sheets and towels, books. Or things that get used up like make-up, perfume, toiletries. This is a real breakthrough!

There are things I will be carrying with me, I know. My photo albums, my picture frames, my paintings, my journals, things my children made for me through the years.....I am a mother, after all, and these are part of my life forever. Now, everything they left with me, to store or take care of, that needs to go. They are adults and have lives of their own. They should start getting their clutter in their homes! It's the way life works. This feel great!!!!


Irene said...

I know what you mean Mercedes but sometimes it is easier said than done. Good luck keeping your word!

Mercedes de Marchena said...

Thanks for visiting, Irene! Hope you come often......I know, it will not be easy, but will try.