Thursday, May 20, 2010

...and then, there are Weddings

In about a week, Frankie and I will be flying to New Orleans for a wedding. I don't like flying, but will not miss trip. You know how it is, can't stay behind just because we have to fly! Especially these days, when so many of our loved ones live far away. Anyway, focus....we are talking wedding here. The bride is the youngest daughter of two of our dearest friends. Nicole was born and raised in Curaçao and while studying at Tulane met and fell in love with Ryan, All American boy. The stuff of romance novels, of romantic we are going there to celebrate their union. Valerie (bride's mother) is originally from New Orleans, Ryan's parents have never travel far, it was just natural to celebrate there. What luck for all of us attending!

Tony and Valerie are having several events and we are so looking forward to them. Also looking seeing friends from the island, hearing about their families, catching up. It's going to be wonderful! As I have said countless times, islanders really know how to celebrate; and be it in Curaçao or in New Orleans, I am sure we are going to have a great time. There will be dancing, laughter, great food and drinks. We will have long conversations after dinner, walk along the lively streets of the French Quarter and there will even be time to relax. It is Memorial Day weekend as well, so we can have an extended holiday.

Camille and Tim are coming over from London. Tim's first encounter with island culture; everyone anticipating how that would go. Frankie and I are also looking forward to spending time with our lovely daughter, we see her so seldom; and getting to know this tall and quiet Brit who has come into her life. So we are excited about this holiday. After the move, the organizing, the settling-in in our new apartment, this is a very deserved time to enjoy ourselves. We are going to recharge batteries, Curaçao style, even if are not on the island!!!

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