Friday, June 4, 2010

These are the times.....

These are the times when I do miss the island, my friends, my former life. After coming back from New Orleans, I came down with a horrible head cold. I have been miserable and alone. Frankie had to travel to Curaçao on I am not doing well. Then Camille is traveling back to London via Newark...and the weather is awful! They just arrived and she called to say the plane moved and shook and it was very unpleasant. Not a good thing for me to know: I am also terrified of flying. I am grateful she has Tim. He is steady and reliable and seems to know how to calm her down. I am also grateful they will not travel again tonight, they will rest and take a flight tomorrow morning, when the weather would be better!!!!

In this not so favorable atmosphere, I received an email from back home. Just a couple of lines to let me know that one of my friends, a dear friend, passed away. It was so sudden and so sad.
I last heard from Marja on my birthday. She was happy and full of plans, leaving for Holland to see her grandchildren, twin boys, that were turning two years old! She was always cheerful always with a smile on her face or joke to tell. She remembered birthdays and important dates in our lives, she came to bridge full of joy and was always pleasant to play with.....I have missed her since I moved. What is happening? have the circle of life caught up with us? Is our group beginning to just .....go? I can't think of that....not now, not yet.

Just this past week in New Orleans, I spent time with Vicki and Nadja. Took pictures to share with our bridge friends back home. It was a happy reunion in the middle of such happy celebrations. It was warm and expected and felt good. Can't believe Marja will not see these pictures, she will not be back on Wednesdays, I will miss her when I go visit in July.

It is at times like this that I miss everyone, the fact that I could drive and visit, get to spend time consoling and reminiscing, go out and have a drink, sit with someone that will understand without explanations....It is now imperative for me to go, it is so important for me to go. Plans that were just forming, nothing concrete yet, have become central. I have to get over this cold, get my deadlines in order and plan seriously! I will miss Marja and I have to see all the others! Then, I will plan a trip to visit Camille, see Thelma, to enjoy time with loved ones!!! That sounds like the perfect plan!!!

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