Friday, June 11, 2010

65 Days.......

Now, isn't it amazing? 65 days.....on my gossip and negativity diet! Can't tell you all is fine, or that I have been good every day...Neeee! It's a series of ups and downs, some days better than others, some easy, so hard. One can't never expect to achieve things easily, how would that make you feel? Alright, don't answer that one! Some of you will say it is so much better when we make a resolution and we can achieve it without too much work....But then it wouldn't be the same, would it? We have to work for what we really want, if it comes easy, we don't appreciate it.

Anyway, it's been 65 days. It all started as a lark, I suppose. Some kind of challenge, something I picked up from a wonderful lady on Vibrant Nation. I didn't know how it would work or IF it would work. I still don't know that! Still, the every day challenge to remind myself to look at the positive side of things, make an effort to stop paying attention to gossip and lend a deaf ear to negative comments, has brought some other benefits.....

I now see good things even before I notice the bad ones; I have stopped, most days, listening to gossip and passing it along...and I have really think that what is the use of just complaining about the negatives in our daily life?....we have to change that with our attitude, or offer constructive ways to deal with what bothers us.... Never thought that day would come!

So, yes, this is a good thing. It has not become a way of life yet, but it really makes me feel better. So now I am looking forward to sitting with friends, reveling in their company and reminiscing, relaxing, enjoying. This is going to be a great Summer!!!!

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