Friday, May 7, 2010

Memories triggered by recipes..

Absolutely, I agree, food is one of the most potent memory triggers. Don't you remember with amazing clarity the dishes you grew up with? don't you sometimes can actually taste them? and when you are far from home, don't you miss the smells and tastes of you mother's kitchen? I knew it!!! So does my daughter Camille.

She has been living in London for almost seven years. I can hardly believe it. It was just suppose to be for the duration of her studies, fourteen months and she'd be back in Boston close to us that had just moved to Miami.....but there is a lot of her mother in her! I adore London! Anyway, she fell in love with that fabulous city, finished her Masters, made friends, got a job and flat...and stayed. I don't think she herself knew for how long, it just felt right at the moment and things moved on from there.

All these years later, with more experience, a job she loves, a new relationship and a truly open mind....she is still there! I am sometimes jealous, she went for what she wanted, even when it has not been always easy. Anyway, I could move there myself, but with age comes caution....
I digress, as always. We are meeting in New Orleans in three weeks to attend a wedding. Camille is also looking forward to a visit with some friends that studied with her in London. It sounds like we are in for a treat!!!!

Today, she asked for some things she wants me to bring her. There is always something she wants from the States..... but she also asked for a notebook with recipes!!! Let's face it, she dabbles in cooking, but is not very interested. She likes entertaining, but is not going to spend the day preparing anything, no matter who is coming. Takes after me in that department too!

She wants the recipes for things she misses, dishes I used to make at home in Curaçao. I took out my recipe books....yes, I have a few. I looked through them, saw the recipes she wants, read others, sat imagining the way it was back then, when I thought we were going to live there forever and my house will always be home for my family. It made me so sad.

There is the book the American Women's Club gave me when I left, copies of which I signed for so many members that left before me. Saw all the messages written by my friends...not a good idea on a Friday afternoon. There are also the recipes that I don't make anymore. They are suddenly important again: Camille wants them!!! I have changed my way of cooking, new recipes, easier dishes, after all is only the two of us......but I remember.

I am going to make this a work of art. I'll include recipes, anecdotes, pictures, advise. I will make it so that she will laugh and enjoy every one of the recipes.....even if she doesn't really become a great cook. After all, London has great restaurants!!! Still, cooking makes for a great way to share memories and food binds us with our past. I am going to enjoy this!!!

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