Friday, August 7, 2009

I AM BACK!!!!!!!

It's been ages...and without setting out to do it, I have just let the writing go. Not what I intended and so easy to fall into that trap. Now, I'm back...with new energy. It feels good. The whole perspective of my writing seems to have shifted. There is no need to compare and try to see the best in the island home I left. That is a given!

What I have now is the serenity to see Miami in a different light. The wisdom, shall we say, to look at this move that took place years ago, as a fact accompli. Well, never thought that was going to happen, which just proves that anything is possible. Making things real, let's not just celebrate the fact that I love Miami...neee! It is more like the slow realization that this is it for a while yet. There are no plans to be moving away in the near future. There are no plans to stay here forever that is a compromise I can live with.

Since I was here last, so much has happened. Trips to Panama have continued in a steady way, stressful as ever and with no end in sight...that would be unthinkable. My mother still needs our attention, but thanfully she is doing so much no trip planned for the rest of the year. Family disagreements and differences of opinion are still there, maybe worse than ever, but I now see that I don't have to put up with any of it......such a relief!

I have been to Curaçao once for a wedding. It was so nice, so walking into your life all over again. Things have changed, of course. New construction, new faces everywhere, more touristy and less spoiled. A bit of financial crisis, like the rest of the world, but nothing extreme yet. Political problems, differences with Holland, too many political parties...nothing new there. The everyday life has become a bit more hectic, a bit more expensive. In the end, I didn't noticed much because the people I care for and the things I miss continue....yes, some friends have moved away, new places have popped up...but life seems remarkably the same. Or maybe I wasn't paying attention...but I doubt it! The island is still so beautiful, and life is better when there is beauty involved!

In the last few days, I have been up in New England attending another wedding and having some family time with my children. The glorious Northern Summer! The wedding was a reason to see dear friends and the day was at it's best. Then on to Boston, which was alive with people walking everywhere and strolling along the plazas and squares and gardens. The Charles was full of sailboats and the sunsets were just as beautiful. We visited friends and took in the sounds and sights of this most beautiful city.

Yes, a lot of things have happened since I last was here....all of them good in their own way. All of them a reason to love life and accept what I have been given....I will not stay away so long next time, and I will include photos of all places I visit, all things I do along with the ones from Dushi Korsow!

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