Monday, August 10, 2009

Change is coming, I want to see it....

Amazing how things can change in a matter of days......I have been just hiding out. Thinking about the future, considering places to move to, giving retirement a thought or two. Now is, never mind! I am making it here for a while and Curaçao is NOT going to be taken off the table. I do like that place too much!

I have heard from friends, family and strangers. Family, even if distant, has no plans to move anywhere. Some friends are moving away, but we do have a core of really good friends, more like family, that are staying too. I have heard from perfect strangers who are planning to move to the my gut feeling is: wait before you make a decision.

The States is bound to change, there is too much going on. Back to more basic living, more responsible living, I think. It would be nice to see how this turns out, sort of, I was there when things changed..... and I don't mean the political change promised last November. I mean the change that will come naturally after the difficult financial times. I don't know, feels like back to the times when we moved to Curaçao, when we didn't know what to expect, everything seemed fresh.....well, sort of. We'll see.

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