Thursday, March 5, 2009

Perfect South Florida weekend.......

This past weekend was a very good one. Camille came from London for a friend's wedding...well, more than that. Cristina is the daughter of one of our oldest friends. We have been looking forward to this for more than a year. The children are best of friends and haven't seen each other for ages. So this was more like a reunion.

Friday, we had drinks by the beach on a Miami Beach hotel. The boardwalk was inviting, the ocean calm and the sand white. It was not like the beaches we are used to, but the company made up for that! The groom's family and friends came down from Boston and other New England cities....they had a ball. We stayed late and went home content.

Saturday was the big day. We woke up late, had a nice family brunch and went to the pool. Then Camille and I went to the beauty parlor to be pampered....back to the house to get ready. Camille had a date to dance the night away. One of her best friends came as well. The weather was magnificent! Not a cloud in the sky, temperatures in the 70s and a light breeze. Perfect South Florida weather!

The church was lovely and the guests were in such a great mood. The bride looked gorgeous, every detail was just right: from the harp music, to the lighting, to her brother who sang so beautifully it took our breaths away and brought tears to more than a few eyes. I was not expecting anything else.

The reception was at the Bass Museum and it proved to be a perfect venue. The food was so good, the drinks flowed and the music was inviting. The party lasted until the early hours, with everyone dancing! When we went home, it was with a light step and a light heart. What a fabulous party! What a way to start a new life.

On Sunday, we got together again with our friends and their families, the bride and groom and their friends. Beach day...well, in typical South Florida fashion, Sunday was cloudy, breeze and temperatures dipped into the 40s! All to be expected......The day ended up with great Cuban food and great conversation and a drink or two. A completely successful weekend!!

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