Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Mother's Birthday

Today my mother is eighty-five!! Can't believe it. Just two years ago, she had a massive stroke. My sisters and I thought she was not going to make it. How wrong were we! In the long tradition of the women in her family, she rallied, then endured a year of physical therapy and several setbacks. Now she is thriving. It gives us hope of a long and fruitful life. I remember her mother, her aunts, all lived well into their nineties.

My sisters and I always looked up to her. She was always full of energy, a gracious hostess that welcome everyone to her home. An older sister that took care of keeping her large family together, living until recently in her parents' old house. Of course, she lived far from her daughters, but visited frequently and enjoyed her example to a point!

I called to wish her Happy Birthday and she was alert, funny and commenting on the events of the day so far. Everyone has called or visited, she had presents to open and people to converse with. My sisters are there preparing a feast for tomorrow night when everyone she cares for can come to share this time with her. In a way, I wish I was there too, but with my family all together here in Miami, that was not a choice. There will be other times to celebrate and I am sure we can all be there: daughters and grandchildren. We will have a wonderful time!

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