Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And wonderful!!!!

Yes, I have up and down days a everyone else. The difference is that I write about them! The last two days have been great! The weather in Miami has cooperated: sunny cool and free of humidity. I opened the windows and doors of my apartment and let the breeze in. It was so wonderful! Never mind the people that think I am out of my mind....

Yes, there are a few of those. Just take the opening your home to the natural breeze. Here, just because the AC unit is part of the have to keep it on!!! except, of course, when it is too cold!!! then the heater kicks in....whatever. Nature is not considered in the equation...too bad.

Anyway, the day is gorgeous again. Biscayne Bay sparkles in the sun and the cool breeze makes small whitecaps. The buildings look actually beautiful and not so much as concrete blocks. The port is bustling and small boats crisscross the bay. I can see small children in their prams peacefully sleeping in the warm sun. Their caretakers...could we say nannies???....socializing in the park that is the center of Brickell peaceful.

How can I not be happy today!!! I am thankful for this......

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