Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shopping for Baby, Walking by the Sea....

Yes, I'm back...again! after a couple of weeks away visiting my mother. It has become a routine I don't much care for, but it is necessary and in some ways.... welcome. Here I go again, I guess, contradicting myself in one sentence. It is true, though, I loathe the trips, but enjoy my time there....doesn't make any sense, right? Maybe not, but that's reality for you.

This time I had no encounter with most of my mother's family, which was wonderful. The cousins and aunts I saw I can relate to and don't interfere. Another plus was the new addition to the family: one of my cousins' two month old granddaughter! She is a perfectly adorable baby that smiles and giggles and follows you with her eyes as if she knows you. We went shopping for her and delighted in choosing outfits and toys and other things for this bundle of Joy. I think we are all in need of grandkids......don't think our children will agree. Never mind, we loved it!

While there, my sisters and I went walking by the beach every morning...early. Something I only do there, since I am NOT a morning person. Still in Panama I wake up at the crack of dawn and I'm ready to go around 7:30 a.m. Walk for about 45 minutes, breathing the fresh, salty air and hearing the crash of the waves. There are shells to pick, driftwood to admire and other kindred spirits to greet in this early morning exercise. It is so soothing and we would not survive the stress of most days without these walks. What a wonderful way to start the day!!!

Besides, coming and going to the beach gives us time to talk about so many things, enjoying each others' company as we cannot during most of the day. Life is good, we have discovered, even when we need to travel to Panama so frequently we almost live there!

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