Thursday, September 11, 2008

Moving away.....sooner than later!

IKE didn't come our way, but I feel as if it did! Sunday night, with strong wings coming ashore in our little island, something annoying happened. The electrical system in our building gave in.... The AC cooling towers stopped working, the power was cut in half and we lost telephone, cable and Internet access. Oh Joy!

Angry tenants and owners descended on the lobby early Monday morning. To no avail because there was nobody to give them an answer. Sometime during the day, we were advised that there was a problem with the electric system and that Florida Power and Light was working on it. Later we learned that FLP was not even here and there was nobody coming that day to fix the problem. The night was hot and humid, and sleeping was impossible, BUT we thought Tuesday all was going to be fixed. Wishful thinking!

Tuesday came and went with annoucements made throught the public speaking system: the problem was serious, but someone was working on it...please be patient!! Right, I thought, these peole have no clue. Months ago, my husband and I had learnd from someone that used to work here that one day this was going to happenned. Those cooling towers needed to be replaced......

Never mind, I braced myself for another night of tossing and turning on my very hot bed. Wednesday came and the bad news became worse. The towers have to be replaced and that will take about one week! Fortunately, cable, telephone and Internet had been restored. At least I was not cut off from everyone......

So we bought electric fans...big deal! They only move the hot air. I truly feel like I am in the middle of Equatorial Africa! The first couple of days there was a breeze, compliments of IKE, the cooled parts of the apartment. I opened windows at night to catch whatever cool breeze was passing by, and during the day I kept everything conserve whatever coolness we got at night.....a trick I learned on the Tropics. Didn't help much! Everything in Florida is built with central AC in mind, so catching the breeze is next to impossible. Brilliant! with hurricanes coming this way every other year, did anyone think about.......power outages?? NEEE!!!!!

Now, all pretences have stop, as has the slight breeze. Management has disappeared, so nobody to answer questions. The breeze has ceased completely and the humidity has gone up. Time to seriously consider moving away and SOON!!!


Pratishtha Durga said...

Oh Merc! My parents have been dealing with power cuts for over 40 years now. It's amazing how backward we still are. And this, without IKE, or any storm of any kind. India is hot and power cuts are frequent.

I hope the situation is resolved soon.

Sunset Goddess said...

It has been! Thank you, Prati!
I dealt with power cuts back in Curacao, but somehow houses were built differently, or my attitude was different...who knows!