Monday, September 15, 2008

All is well after our Weekend Getaway!

Of course taking off for the weekend was a splendid idea. We just drove up the East Coast of Florida and stayed at a seaside hotel, within walking distance from the beach. Beach, well, that is a bit of a stretch. There was sand, sea, sun and people under umbrellas or playing in the waves. The water was not too clean, lots of seaweed and debris and breaking waves. The sand was littered with dried seaweed, leftovers from past picnics and cramped with people.... Still, the water was refreshing and the sun was shining and there was a breeze. There is a walkway that was lively and had lots of cafes, bars and restaurants. We actually found a couple of places offering excellent choices in simple, good food. In between, there were souvenir shops, places selling beachwear and sandals, so quaint! At night, the moon was almost full and the breeze never stopped.

There was also a sense of old Florida, like it was before people discovered it, before South Beach and the celebrities and the overdone atmosphere. I found it so much more genuine and nice. Families were out together and everyone seemed to be so relaxed. There were no pretences and no showing off. A more than welcome change! More important for us, the air conditioning worked and we slept blissfully all three nights! I can do this again anytime!

Feeling reinvigorated and with our new tans, we drove home early today. I was not really convinced that the problem was going to be solved...but AaaaHhhh! It's just perfect! When we arrived at our building, we were told at the lobby that in some of floors the air conditioning was working. As I walked into our apartment, I turned the unit on....the soft humming of the compressor, the cool air coming through the vents, the pleasant feeling inside our apartment, all contributed to make me smile. Can't believe that the heat and humidity are gone, can't remember how it felt, what cool air can do for you. All is well that ends well, I say.

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Prakash and Linda Mugdur said...

Ok, glad to hear your AC is fixed but equally glad you got away for the weekend! It sounds heavenly! Yippee for you!