Monday, August 18, 2008

The Joys of moving a parent....

Yes, I'm back from my latest caretaker adventure. This time, as much as I tried, things did not run smoothly. To be expected, most of you will say. Living so far from an ailing parent is one of the hardest things. You try to get life organized, bills paid, domestic service lined up....the logistics involved can be overwhelming......and this time they were!

We have been lucky so far, but the fact that we have taken professionals out of the main working force and given them a new invaluable experience presents problems. Everyone in need of the same kind of service, is looking to see if they can snatch them away! From higher salaries to better benefits all has been tried. Fortunately, so far, they seem to prefer to stay with my mother.....who knows? We are just grateful!!!!

Now the move went relatively well. Packing was done quickly and efficiently; maybe because we didn't ask too many questions and packed what we thought was necessary, had some sentimental value or we just loved. Utilities took a while since we needed the deed to the property and it was delayed for about a week. After that, the installation went well. Blinds and curtains were installed, bars put on windows and moving day approached.

My time to get back arrived sooner than I wanted, and I had t leave without actually completing the move. My sister Laura is still there holding the fort...she has been a real trooper. Today they are moving all the small boxes and potted plants. Hopefully, the gardener will be there to put on the grass and plant anything too big for permitting. It rained cats and dogs most of the time, but in between we had some sunny moments, maybe they'll have some today. By the weekend, everything should be there and my mother will have time to adjust to her new house.

It has not been easy to please her. She would have rather stayed in her home of 40 years, big and old fashioned as it is. What to do. She has refused to even take a look at the property since we bought it! Can't blame her, but cannot understand her attitude either. I am counting on her good sense and the fact that she'll be so much more comfortable in the new house. If not, that is her choice, I think. I am keeping a diary of this, hoping to show it to her when she is in a better frame of mind...or to remind myself when the time comes that I cannot be so hard on my kids!!!!

On a personal level, things were difficult too. It was hot and so humid, I developed and asthma attack! can you believe my age? It was just so annoying, still on medication and hoping for the best. I also broke a toe.....tripped on a box and fell. Very painful and still black and blue....oh, Joy!!! The fact that I was away from a computer, no time even for a short visit to an Internet cafe...made my life very limited. So, yes, I am glad I did my duty for now, but I am so happy to be back!!!


Pratishtha Durga said...

Merc, sounds like you had quite a time! It's difficult leaving ailing parents behind. But you are a good daughter and have done your fair share. I am sure the move will be good for everyone involved.
Take care of that broken toe. You need some serious rest.

Sunset Goddess said...

So nice to hear from you! Yes, serious rest is all I am planning on doing right now!!