Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Nothing much to report on Tropical Storm FAY. It came and went with lots of rain and some high winds, but nothing to get too excited about, at least not in Miami. That is a good thing! Miami has had its share of storms since I moved here. We all get prepared and we all get excited in advance of the storm. I think the weather people have a lot to do with that. They need to make sure everyone is aware that things can get bad in a matter of minutes....but, please....the overload of information....can get you down.

FAY started with a destructive path through Haiti and the Dominican Republic that left several dead, but mostly flooded. My friend Ginnie in Puerto Plata, says there was not enough information about the amount of rain and the strong possibility of flash flooding. That is always the case, I feel. Forecasters concentrate a lot in the strength of the winds and the course it takes. Most of the time, though, the rains and flooding cause the most damage and deaths......what to do!

So after a dark and rainy day, lots of wind pounding my high rise apartment windows, FAY has faded. All I feel now is a mild wind, the skies are gray, but there is no rain. The storm is moving up the state and is pounding Central Florida. It will be a messy and wet week for the Sunshine State, but not too much destruction. That is a blessing. Children will start school a few days late, routine will set in and hurricane season will continue. So far, it's been good. Let's hope this is the worst we are going to see this year!!!

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