Saturday, August 30, 2008


The Caribbean is alive with deadly rain and killer winds. Two enormous storms are churning, slowly moving towards the US mainland: GUSTAV and HANNA. One a CAT 4 hurricane aiming at the Gulf of Mexico and the other a strengthening tropical storm closing in on the Bahamas. I hate hurricane season! This time of the year the Tropics become so active and we are all nervous. This week was sixteen years since ANDREW, three since KATRINA...always around Labor Day.

It's been rainy and windy, on and off all day here in Miami...and we are not even close to any of these monsters. We took in my plants and secured the Adirondack chairs in our balcony. It depresses me to no end. While in Curaçao, I never felt any need to be prepared... If and when a storm came close to the island, things were decided at the last minute. Such is Life in the least outside the hurricane belt! I miss that!

We have been told that HANNA might present a problem for South Florida. GUSTAV will hit somewhere on the Gulf Coast (from Texas to Alabama) on Monday afternoon. With the so called cone of uncertainty, we now can look forward to see how the storm could or would affect our area. This can be perceived as progress, to me it's just another scary thought. Do I really want to know minute by minute what could happen? Didn't do anyone any good during that awful season three years ago. So I hope all goes well this Labor Day. May the storms dissolve and the winds die down. May the damage be small if they continue on their path and may all be spared!


Anonymous said...

Great blog, Mercedes. Best wishes during the hurricane season to all in the Tropics.

Warmest regards,

Sunset Goddess said...

Thanks! we are going to need it this year!