Thursday, July 24, 2008

Time to travel!

I know, Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is not the time to go anywhere. Weather is not the best: storms, humidity and heat can make your trip miserable. Some places are flooded with visitors and everywhere you go there are queues and long waits. These bring out the worst in people....everyone can be so rude. Usually, I would stay home and huddle in my air conditioned home and ignore the world. Wishful thinking! I need to go see about moving my mother to her new home in Panama.

Panama has become so popular, there are articles about the country everywhere. People ask me why I haven't made a move to buy property or to relocate there. After all, I was born there and still have family and friends I like! Well, Curaçao is my first choice, why deny that. At the moment many things stand between the island and our moving back there; but I am holding on to the desire that things will sort themselves out and we can go back. More wishful thinking my husband would say....but he hasn't discarded the idea yet and that can only be good.

For all practical purposes, this will not be a holiday. My mother lives in a small city a few hours from Panama City. Not much to do and certainly not a tourist destination....YET! Besides, moving my mother out of her parents' home into a new and modern dwelling, is going to be an uphill battle. My sisters and I are bracing for arguments, tears and pleading. We have to stand strong, she really needs to be in a house that is built to accommodate her needs: wheelchair, nurses, exercise room and easy accessibility to her car. This house is perfect!

On the other hand, if you take a plane and go to another country, that is traveling, right? I will hold on to that view. Trips to the beach house, long walks in the morning by the seashore, these are some of my favorite things when I visit my mother. It is so peaceful and relaxing, nobody to interrupt your communion with nature. Because it is the rainy season, the sea will be calm and clear and on sunny days a good swim will be welcome. Back in town, there are other things to look forward to: having someone to do all the housework and the cooking, healthy food simply prepared and friends and family to partake with. Despite the fact that the trip will involved manual labor of sorts: packing and unpacking everything my mother owns, the other things will all contribute to the sense of holiday I want to achieve. Trust me, I am working myself up to this.


Pratishtha Durga said...

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Sunset Goddess said...

You're fab!!!Thanks!