Friday, July 18, 2008

Do It Yourself.....not for me!

Did I ever mentioned that I read the newspaper very day? I love the feel of it and even the ink smudges in my fingers are a welcome sight. So today, as usual, I sat with my Miami Herald and went to the commentary page. I found it very interesting.

I am a fan of Ellen Goodman who writes for the Boston Globe. Her columns are always informative, funny and well written, with a message that make sense. Today it was about the do-it-yourself craze that has hit the States in the last few years. We put together our furniture, check our bank balance and pay bills on line, we buy movie tickets and book airline tickets on line too. When we need a prescription filled, we call the pharmacy and talk to a machine. We pump our gas at these high prices and without the benefit of full-service! All this means is that paying jobs have been taken out of the market and replaced with machines, making them unpaid labor. Finally men and women have equal opportunity in this do-it-all-yourself world. She calls it self-service economy. How true!

After reading the column and pondering these truths, I came to the conclusion that this is definitely NOT for me!! Take me back to the Third World, where there is someone at the end of the phone line, people still repair their appliances, bank tellers smile at you, doctors make house calls and you can talk to the guy who's pumping your gas. What is wrong with that?

Time and again I have express the believe that everyone has a part to play in the world. We cannot all be in charge as we cannot all be followers. We need someone to do every task and every job to have an economy that works effortlessly....right? Well then, I will strive to convince my husband that we need to move to the Third World. Retire in a place with all the benefits of modern conveniences and the old-fashioned conveniences too. Get out before we have do-it-yourself medical care and cook-your-own-dinner restaurants. Sounds wonderful!


Prakash and Linda Mugdur said...

Mercedes, I LOVE the new picture! So gorgeous!
Linda :)

Sunset Goddess said...

Isn't it? I love it too.
It's CAS ABAO, a popular beach back home....