Wednesday, July 2, 2008

On a lighter note.....

My friend Prati is such a great help!! She advices, comments and tags my blog in hers!! I appreciate it so much...Now I am working on my first tag! and you guessed will be Prati's blog!!!

I met Prati through Monica Pradhan's forum. Like Ruth, she has become a friend and a supporter and I enjoy her writing enormously. She and her husband are so talented; free spirits, artistic, warm and helpful. Prati works with a company that is developing new shows for Indian TV, she is also a fashion blogger...with a most fantastic format: street fashion, the people that attract her attention when she walks along the crowded streets of Mumbai. Her husband Tarun just got an Award from the UN for a game he developed about female infanticide..... a man after my own heart!!!

So when you are out there in the blogosphere, do take the time to check her blog:

Shotcouture - Street Fashion


Pratishtha Durga said...

Merc... (blush)... you make us sound like such heroes!!! LOL. I went to the award ceremony on Monday, and Tarun looked dapper in a jacket teamed with jeans.

It was a simple ceremony, with a short preview of every winner's work. And the sweetest thing, tarun went to collect the award with his entire team!

Oh, and now I can talk. The official launch date ofr the channel Colors is 21st July!!!

Sunset Goddess said...

I am not exaggerating.....!!! you've been great!

Wonderful about the launch, what a shame I cannot see it here in the US.....any chance of that??? at some point??...