Tuesday, December 4, 2007

As expected....

I am back from Curaçao, and the trip was wonderful. As expected, I visited friends, drove around, played bridge and went to the beach. There is so much construction going on: hotels, homes, even apartment buildings! Hotels are full, thanks to the exchange rate with the Euro. Retirees are flocking to the island, finally discovering this corner of the Caribbean. There is a new mall.... yes, enclosed and air conditioned with expensive stores, an ice cream parlor and two restaurants. It is located in an old landhuis (plantation house).

Went there on Thursday for drinks with my friend Joan and her daughter, I have missed that! After that, dinner by the beach at a local landmark: a trailer/restaurant featuring the best seafood and fish on the island. You sit outdoors, by the water, so informal, so tropical. The food was excellent, the company as well, Tony and Sandra sharing news of their daughter's wedding in Scotland....at Rosslyn Chapel! I had lunch with Monique and Clark and sat there reminiscing and exchanging news of our children.

The day before was bridge. It was so nice to see my friends, talk about everything, laugh, even the sound of Dutch was welcome! Kitty and Marja B are both becoming grandmothers of twins! We were graced by the visit of one of our friends going through a difficult time: cancer, chemo, a new wig. Nicoline was gracious and so glad to see us, as we were to see her. She looked fragile, but had a golden tan and looked beautiful. She's the one that once described us as a warm blanket.... and she was so right. At night, sushi with our old friends Tony and Valerie, and I know Fred, the restaurant owner, he was part of my theater group.

Tuesday I had time to go out at night to visit friends, to have dinner with Kathy. Loved it! Everywhere you go, you meet someone you know, so in four days, I did get to see most of my friends. On Tuesday and Thursday, I had time to go to the beach for a few hours. Clear waters, white sand and warm sun, perfect! The sea is life, nothing else feels like it. I took naps, read, floated happily and made sure I put my head under water for as long as I could!

On Friday I even had time to chat with Vicki (that had been traveling) on my way to the airport. So never mind that we had to wait for 8 hours at the airport...the plane was having mechanical difficulties... that dreaded phrase. Never mind that we had to wait for a plane to arrive from Miami to pick up us, even there I found friends I haven't seen in years! We had some local delicacies and talked, talked and talked. Yes, it might be true that you cannot go back, but when you visit everything is as expected!

Now I am back home, with recharged batteries and full of energy. I can do this again soon!

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