Sunday, December 16, 2007

New attitude for the Holidays

One week to Christmas Eve and somehow I have managed not to be too involved this year. I did decorate a bit, lots of red candles, a small Norfolk Island pine with new ornaments, a red and gold bow on our front door. It feels so much better because it is all new, no nostalgia attached to any of these things. The boxes marked Christmas are still in the storage cages in the basement!

I don't think I am alone in this. Women tend to get all worked up during the Holidays. We want everything to be perfect for everyone we love. We twist ourselves in knots, bend over backwards and stress ourselves to exhaustion. Forgetting one very important thing: US!! Don't we deserve all those things we wish for our loved ones? and why do the Holidays have to be perfect? why does everything have to be planned with such precision? Why this change you might ask? well, I heard something today on PBS (a source of wisdom, if there ever was one!): LET GO OF PERFECT!! It made so much I am trying.

With the rhythm of the Holidays all around me, Christmas carols, Christmas specials, decorations everywhere I go or visit; I haven't had an emotional moment yet! I think this is something to celebrate. ...or not. My sisters will both be here and after the year we had, I am looking forward to celebrating with them too. Also I am looking forward to visiting Camille! Yes! I decided... why not? Spend Christmas here and New Year's with her. Fear of flying...out the window!

One week before Christmas indeed, I will buy some presents and plan my Christmas Eve with loved ones. All will be well, and New Year's Eve looks like fun. I'll spend time with everyone, sort of compartmentalized Holidays; and sooner than I will be January 5th!

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