Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Greetings from around the world

In the middle of all the craziness of these days, my friends' Holiday greetings are trickling in. I couldn't be happier. Regardless of the fact that this year I am not in a celebrating mood, each of these cards, emails and annual letters makes my day when they arrive.

They are not only coming with news from dear friends and their families, their good and not so good news, but they bring the feel of lands faraway: from Ann in Genoa, Lucy in Paris, Emily in Haarlem (The Netherlands), Irene in Lucca, Eva in Monaco, Terri in Aarhus (Denmark) to Anna Clara in Curacao, from Vicki in New York and Leslie in Missouri to Mary in Cairo and Vera in Malta... and that is not even half of them! Every message gives me a warm feeling. Things that were maybe commonplace or everyday occurrences when they happened, become important, interesting and so welcome by the time they appear in these messages.

In these days when people are so stressed and so busy, it is a wonderful to know that my friends take the time to keep in touch. Some of them keep in touch during the year, but others only touch base at this Joyous time. Never mind, all the news are important, all the messages answered, good news celebrated and sympathy goes out to the ones with not so good news...these are few and far between. Everyone sees the good side of things at this time of the year! and that is as it should be.

Remnants of a previous life, of years spent abroad when your friends are your family and ties are formed that will always be there. The life of an expatriate, never forgotten, comes to life when we get these messages... I am sure each of my friends feels the same.

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