Sunday, November 25, 2007

Recharging Batteries....

Tomorrow I am going to Curaçao! I can see everyone smiling. What else is new, she is going off into another tirade (too strong a word, maybe?) about her island paradise. Well, that might be so, but it's my first trip back this year and a welcome one. Since my mother's stroke last December, all I have done is travel back and forth to Panama. Necessary, for sure, but so stressful.

This time it's only for fun! My husband is going for work and I am tagging along. Go to the beach... a real beach.... Sit by the water and relax, have a couple of exotic drinks, watch the sunset. It will be heaven. I'll see my friends, play bridge on Wednesday again and hear all about the latest news: weddings, babies, trips. Even the sad news will be exchanged and it will seem like I never left. Can't wait!

I will make time to walk at least once along the path where I used to walk every day. See who's still walking, the new houses in the area, the gorgeous sunsets, the riot of color of the bougainvillea hedges. The air will be cool and the smell of salt; everything will be green because of the rains....

There will be the night out for drinks on Thursday, to see everyone I have not time to visit. What can I say. Just before the hectic Holiday Season, this trip will be perfect to recharge my batteries. When I get back, a bit sad and nostalgic, I'll have the energy to tackle what's coming.

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