Monday, November 19, 2007

The weather has turned...

Yes, I know it sounds a bit funny, but it is true. After months of humidity, heat and occasional rain, the weather has improved...or turned. The days are clear and significantly cooler. The sky can be so blue and there are no clouds.. or hardly any. It is so nice to walk around my small island...the breeze is delightful.

Now other things have happened too, like the iguanas are not as visible. Now when you approach their bougainvillea bush, you don't hear their chirping, or see them sunning themselves. Do iguanas hibernate? and does this milder weather count as winter? Really, it can be confusing.

Another sign is that you encounter so many more people walking and they seem so much friendlier.... or am I imagining things? Young couples, young women with their dogs, nannies with their charges, older couples just meandering, men jogging, everyone listening to their iPods, bigger dogs playing frisbee with their owners, children playing in the sandbox. People say hello, and smile... definitely this time of the year Miami is so much nicer!

Of course, this is the time that can bring water rationing..... as much rain as we had not much fell over Lake Ockeechobee, which is where we need it! Having lived in a desert-like island, I am not much bothered by all that. Besides, I have no garden or a yard that needs taken care of.... condo living has its advantages, especially this time of the year.

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