Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Of Friendships and Memories....

Back to my trip...I know, you think I dwell on this too much! Maybe that's true, but...it's my blog!
A couple of days before our trip, I received very upsetting news. One of our dear friends, a long time member of our bridge group has been diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. After Nicoline made a complete recovery, is in remission and looks better than ever, we have all taken a deep breath and dare to hope. After Hilde's passing and then Marja Brandt' s, we were shaken, but now all was well again, surely. Isn't it a rule that you shouldn't talk too soon?

In this case, I believe it is true. Marja T is really the heart of our group. She is always there, smiling, positive and brave when nobody else is. Life is something to be enjoyed, she believes, and she does. This came as a real blow. How can this be happening again? We are such a small group, only about a dozen of us still play...after more than twenty years. We are very close and keep in touch frequently. We have been there for each other through divorces, death, illnesses...you name it. We have celebrated weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, birth of grandchildren. This is hard.

So when I visited, I made sure I stayed for Wednesday morning bridge. It was at Vicki's this time and we were getting together for lunch. Did I tell you that it always feel as if I never left? I just walk into the place, everyone's happy to see me. Same this time, only Marja was not there...it was all we can talk about: why? Vicki and had seen each other before Wednesday and talked about it....at the wedding! Declared that, really, why? and couldn't this have happened to someone we DON'T like? I know, that is not nice and for sure not charitable...but that is how we felt. The girls did too when we talked! Unfair, like life.

We didn't spend the whole time dwelling on this, our morning was full of laughter as well...remembering good times. We play for fun, most of the time, but also want to keep learning. Bridge, I have maintained for years, is a mental sport. One needs to exercise one's brain: this is the most enjoyable way I know! There is always something new to learn and someone to point it out. We also paused a couple of times to comment on the fact that when we started....all those years ago....there was an older ladies group. They looked upon us with indulgence, pointed out our mistakes and smiled, even celebrated their birthdays with us... Patricia's mother was amongst them. It was such a lovely interaction. Not this time, there are no younger ladies playing bridge...they have other interests. Is bridge not a social grace anymore? How sad....so we are now the older ladies and there is nobody to share this with.............

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