Sunday, April 3, 2011

Time to Reinvent Oneself!

It is April, the month of rebirth, of changes. Spring is here and Nature is renewing itself. It is time to look at ourselves. This is an absolute truth: there comes a time in anyone's life when one has to change, adapt, reinvent oneself. I have been toying with this idea lately and I have done this before....time to do it again! I have to say it is never easy or happens smoothly. It is not something one decides one day and happens the next. If it was like that, it would not be worth trying!

So we have to take time and choose carefully where we want to start. Start with simple things., I say. Change the way we eat. This is something we can do without too much fuss. Go for fresher stuff, cook lighter meals, better yet, make more salads, eat more fruits. That doesn't require too much thinking to begin with. We tend to make a big deal of preparing food, wouldn't we enjoy spending less time in the kitchen? I know I would!!!! At this stage in my life, it seems so much easier...of course, I have no small children!!! Still, isn't it just the thing?....less cooking time! Sounds heavenly.

Another simple thing: a bit of exercise. Notice I said a bit only. Lets not go crazy and join a gym...after all I would be the last to recommend this: I do not sweat on purpose! Just a walk a couple of days a week, play music and dance to it with abandon. Move to something more elaborate later. Nothing that will make you cringe, but will make you fitter....sounds perfect!

Finally, for now: clean your closets, your drawers, your kitchen cabinets. There must be things you don't wear, are hopelessly out of fashion or too big or small, shoes you cannot walk in anymore......and there must be people that would look wonderful in any of them. Donate! Books you don't read, magazines that you wonder why you kept. Do you still have toys that your children discarted years ago? Either call them and ask if they want these things or simply give them away. Hold on only to things that are beautiful, useful or valuable......everything else can go. It feels great to do me!

In time, we will move on to bigger things to change; we will achieve this change and we will be a different person....or the person we were meant to be!

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