Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two Trips, a Medical Emergency and a Wedding!!!..Part II

A week after I returned, Camille came home!! She arrived with Tim on the 8th, late afternoon. We had a fabulous dinner right on Brickell Key: Cafe Sambal at the Madarin Oriental Hotel.....superb. Early night and early morning to fly to Curaçao. Camille's best friend was getting married that weekend. So-so flight, but I sat next to Frank and he held my hand when the plane times change: I used to hold his when he was little.

Arriving in Curaçao, always a welcome experience, we were met by Alex and Lily! Alex looks great, motherhood agrees with her; Lily is perfectly adorable and so cute. We socialized there at a small bar, while our car was delivered to the airport...talking about service. Then to our favorite Chinese restaurant on the island for delicious and familiar food. Tim was loving this already.

That night we met with old friends, had drinks, sat in the cool terrace of the absolutely fabulous Hyatt Hotel.....Camille went to the Bachelorette party for Vanessa, came back late. Early Thursday we went to the synagogue for a lovely service to bless the groom...never seen that before, but liked it. Afterwards, pictures, breakfast, more friends to meet and laughter. This was going to be a happy weekend. Back to the hotel, to the beach...well, the youngsters did. Frankie and I had to go shopping...I know, why? Well, sort of a last-minute wardrobe change......mine. Once back at the hotel we went swimming and then got ready for the coolest civil wedding ever.

We departed at 5 o'clock sharp from the hotel pier in the Insulinde, a Dutch schooner. The afternoon was lovely, clear skies, calm seas, gorgeous views. Sailed to Fuik Baai where the ceremony was performed. The lady judge spoke so eloquently and with such passion, Vanessa did a small dance when she said I do and they were both glowing with happiness. Food and drinks and great company, perfect Curaçao sunset and on our way back: fireworks!!!!

Friday was a strange day. Frankie worked and I went shopping. The young people went to the rehearsal and then to lunch, walked through Punda and we all got back in time for a swim. Dinner was schedule at an old plantation house that is a restaurant. Delicious Curaçao food, music and more friends! We danced the conga and got teary eyed listening to the father of the bride give a toast to the bride and groom. Vanessa's grandmother was our host and she was her age she still dressed beautiful, is perfectly groomed and coiffed and witty.

Saturday dawned clear and breeze and sunny. After a hearty breakfast, we went to the beach. Nothing like salt water to make me feel good. We stayed there until it was time to celebrate Lily's First Birthday! Alex had planned it at the Hyatt because we were all there and it's a lovely venue. She arrived promptly at 11 o'clock with Lily, toys, play mat, a small cake for Lily to smash, bottles of soap bubbles, hats...the works. We had a wonderful time, the cakes were delicious, Lily smashed hers and the grown ups' too, Camille took pictures, Tim entertained the little ones and the babies were just adorable. Camille and I left early since she had to get ready for the big event.

A stylist had been engaged to get the wedding party ready. Camille and Gulshan got together ready first and look beautiful. Everyone went to their rooms and got ready to be taken to Snoa for the ceremony. We met at the veranda and pictures were taken and the bride look beautiful and everyone admired each other's outfit........OOOHHs and AAHHHs all round. Once finished, everyone on the buses and off we went.

Snoa was beautiful as always and there were a lot of people.....the soft candlelight made everything look great. So many friends to greet! The ceremony started late, but was very nice and David broke his cup smashing it against the silver tray, as it is the Sephardic custom. Camille look absolutely gorgeous too! Once finished, we got out into the yard to greet more friends and get ready to go back to the hotel. Met Monique and her family...Mateo, the new family member, is so cute. It was very nice part of this weekend.

At the hotel, everything was ready, the ballroom looked wonderful and all was ready for the wedding party to arrive. We took our seats and waited. Then there they were as husband and wife: Vanessa and David. A first dance, much kissing, more dancing with parents and family....and the party started. The music was fabulous, everyone danced, never mind if you had a partner or not. Curaçao music, excellent food and a brass band. Drinks and champagne all night and so many friends to see and enjoy. It was absolutely wonderful! Went to bed at almost 4 o'clock in the morning!!! The youngsters...even later!

Sunday was another day of celebration.....a big Brunch before most of us traveled back to our lives. Since the time had changed in the States and the clocks just changed time....we woke up so early!!!! Had something to eat and drink before the brunch...then it rained! Still, all went without a hitch and everyone enjoyed it. Goodbyes and farewells and back to the beach. A bit cloudy, but so nice to just sit and relax, take a dip in the sea, talk and relax, have a drink and relax....perfect!

We ended the weekend of celebrations with an Indonesian dinner at a restaurant with a fabulous view. Kathy joined us and it was like old times. The food was good, the company even better. It was truly a weekend to remember. Monday dawned rainy and windy. Frank left in the afternoon and Camille and Tim moved the another hotel to have a real vacation.....we drove to Banda Abao and had a late lunch with them at Jaanchi's...excellent seafood prepared Curaçao style. Perfect ending to this family weekend.......

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