Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time to start getting ready....

Every year, while we lived in Curacao, I followed the island's tradition and cleaned the house top to bottom. Oh, well, who am I kidding? The housekeeper did that, but I directed her.......back to my point. Homes need a thorough cleaning to welcome the New Year. It is an absolute MUST! So as soon as Boxing Day was over with, we started.

Furniture was moved to really clean underneath, cushions were aired and covers washed, blinds and verticals were dusted or wiped, floors were vacuumed and then mopped, cabinets and cupboards were emptied and cleaned, things were thrown away. Then the garden was tackled, with the help of the gardener ......of course!! Trees and bushes were pruned, lawn was mowed, the roof was checked for dead leaves from our big trees. Everything was hauled away to the dump. All this was nothing in comparison to what others did. Some people painted their homes or tackled bigger repair jobs, anew roof, or a new fence, others washed the walls inside and out with power hoses. The whole island gets into this.

At our home, on the very last two days of the year, sheets and towels were washed, mattresses aired and kitchen scrubbed. It was exhausting...even if I was only supervising! It was also very important to do this right. The New Year had to be welcomed in a spotless home. You are not going to believe this, but I am missing that flurry of activity, the sense of urgency, the sense of accomplishment. Never mind the fact that a clean house means good luck in the New year!

Today I have been gratified to see that the windows of the building are been cleaned!!! There are two men out there...hanging from ropes: very scary! I will not think about it....but it goes well with the cleaning I am giving the apartment on the inside. A lot less to do, but still a big job: more than ever I miss my housekeeper! I still maintain that a good housekeeper is a treasure.

By tomorrow, the place will be ready to welcome 2011 as it should be. Now if I could get my hands on some of the special incense blend from the island and some firecrackers...the Gods of Smoke and Noise will protect this dwelling properly!!! BON ANJA - (HAPPY NEW YEAR) EVERYONE!!!!!

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