Friday, December 10, 2010

It's been ages...!!!!

I am sorry for being absent for so long. It's not that I forgot this blog, it is almost always the back of my mind. I know I should be posting, but I let deadlines, family matters and other things get in the way. No excuse, I hear you! So here I am again. Trying to keep this up....

The last month was very hectic, but so nice. Camille made an unexpected visit to Miami. Having vacation days she needed to take before the end of the year......she decided on a Tuesday and was here by Halloween. it was wonderful! we had a ball just laying by the pool, going out to dinner, visiting family. We even made time to go to Marco Island on Florida's West coast. Just a couple of days, but so nice. What a way to spend some time. Walks by the beach, sunsets to die for, good food and company, everyone should go to Old Naples, trust me.

As soon as she left, it was time to go to Panama...again. Taking care of an older parent long distance is not easy. Still, my sisters and I managed to have fun while we replaced nurses, ran errands and visited family. We laughed until we cried at old jokes and new situations. The only drawback: it rained every day! It was humid and the mosquitoes were out in full force. Never mind the gnats....there was water everywhere, it got dark early and we ate too much. We should do it again soon!

Back in Miami, I started with my Christmas preparations, got decorations and started buying presents. Camille is not coming for the Holidays and we are not traveling. That is a first in a long time; so Miami it is and we'll make the best of it! Today we went to our building's Christmas Party. It had a Brazilian theme and it was fun. The food was excellent, the drinks abundant and the company interesting....more about the celebrations in my next post!

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